Sunday, April 19, 2015

S.N.O.T. - Slaughterhouse" 7"ep

Here is not only one of my most fav Texas hardcore thrash 7"s, but one of my most fav hardcore thrash 7"s ever, period.  This sumbitch not only rages from beginning to end, but they have a pretty original sound as well.  The machine gun drums were faster than usual for the time ('86), and the vocals defined the term 'snotty punk rock'.  I first heard this as a cassette (with a different song order- Safe Grey Lights  was between Harass County and Life~Death, the band's preferred track order if it wasn't for the time constraints of a 7" record), but I got this on vinyl as soon as I could.


 S.N.O.T. stands for "Slime from the Nose Of Texas, and this was their only release (besides some songs on a couple of compilation tapes that came out around the same time).  I was too young to ever go see them play (and they payed a lot).

I don't have a lot of info on the band, unfortunately.  I believe Ali (their bass player on this record) was in Doomsday Massacre as well, and left punk to become a Muslim.  I  heard their vocalist Alex now runs a chain of adult book stores.  Not sure what happened to the other members.

The record came out on KML Records (a Florida label ran by members of the punk band Maggot Sandwich) and the front cover art was done by Kevin Bakos (who also did D.R.I.'s "Dealing With It" album cover).  Make sure not to get them confused with the big nu metal band Snot that came out in the late '90s and put out at least one cd.  They're nothing alike.


1986 KML Records

1) No Justice
2) No Heaven On Earth
3) Aerobicide
4) Safe Grey Lights
5) Cashin' In
6) Harass County
7) Life~Death
8) Slaughterhouse

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