Monday, December 5, 2011

Brick/Society Of Friends/Beast/Caliyote Malay/Twelve Blades video - live in Houston, 1997!!

Courtesy of Chris from Twelve Blades, here's video from a show in Houston at the Fonde Community Center in 1997! I was at this show, so seeing this on video was awesome. Many thanks to Chris for letting me digitize this and put it up on the blog!


Society Of Friends:


Caliyote Malay:

Twelve Blades:


  1. okay, who's playing bass for BRICK, is it Gabe? can't tell and don't remember.

  2. This Brick lineup was Noble, Mike G, Chris H, Paul Newman, and Craig McCaffrey.

  3. Really excellent blog! Stoked to find some Society of Friends footage.
    Not sure if it's totally up your alley, but I have been looking for DIXIE WASTE. They were from Houston, had a track on a THORAZINE 'zine flexi-comp. Any info would be appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Killer! Thanx for putting this out for the world. I have tons of video footage from these years. END RESULT, UDUSHä, CRUELTY OF MARS, BEHEAD THE PROFIT, MASTODON(Houston's), ETC......

  5. I loved Society of Friends. Cool video.