Friday, July 1, 2011

The Jewws - "L'Explosion Du Son De Maintenant!" LP

The Jewws were a great garage-rock band from Houston featuring ex-members (Rebecca, and then eventually Matt) of Junior Varsity. They probably could have conquered the world had they gotten out of Houston and toured a bunch... But instead they left behind a legacy of great records, and this is one of them - their sole full length LP which came out in 2002 on Demolition Derby/Nitro! Records, out of Belgium. Rebecca is currently playing bass with The Hex Dispensers, while these days guitarist Omari is drumming in the Austin punk band The Stuffies as well as playing bass in Light Me Up.

1. Mercury To Mars
2. You're Gonna Lose
3. Girl Gets Around
4. My Baby Don't Rock&Roll
5. Moon Equipped
6. When Your Man Is Gone
7. Man From The Magazine (hidden track)
8. Bad Lovin' Thing
9. Saturn Swivel
10. The Space City Beat
11. Just Blink, She's Gone
12. Love In A Pill
13. Animal
14. Keep On Cryin'
15. Gotta Go

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