Friday, January 21, 2011

Sugar Shack - "Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time" LP

I just realized the only Sugar Shack up here is from compilations. That's messed up. Here's my favorite Sugar Shack LP! Great garage rock from Houston, ex-Party Owls, recommended. This was their first LP for Estrus Records.

1997 Estrus Records

1. I Can't Satisfy
2. Blabbermouth
3. Chip
4. Thee Crusaders
5. Get Her Back
6. I'm Glad / Your Sad
7. Da Kook
8. Be A Man
9. Fire Weeks Ahead Of My Time
10. In The Chump Zone
11. Go! Space City
12. I'm Outta Here
13. All Night Stand
14. She's My Crutch