Sunday, November 14, 2010

Darth Veda - Video Fanzine

This video (parts 1-3 here) was released in 1993 (i think) by a couple of young bored gentlemen from Louisiana. The video features live clips from the Texas bands Yuck and Macho Muchachos as well as many non-Texas bands and all kinds of other ridiculous things.

From the original insert:
What you have just purchased, bartered for, or stolen is not:
1. high quality
2. professionally edited, copied, or distributed
3. the end result of great time & effort
4. boring (hopefully)
5. overpriced (your opinion may differ)

The point of doing this was simply to do something, come up with a finished product, and to say to myself, "cool." It would also be nice if a few people got it, enjoyed it, and wrote in to comment. So if you did enjoy it (or not), or would like to contribute something for the next one (or not) or if you feel you got ripped of somehow, then write... I'm bored."


The video is here in it's entirety broken into three parts and hosted on youtube. Unfortunately, the file to too large to upload to mediafire, so if someone knows of a different site where I could put the file to make it available to download, let me know.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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