Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poison 13 - S/T LP

If I had to make a list of my favorite records of all time from Texas, this one would be up there. Really high. I mean, really, really up there. Why this record and this band seems to get a pass when discussing the best this state has ever had to offer is beyond me. To those unfamiliar, Poison 13 included a couple of ex-Big Boys members and played a brand of bluesy garage rock that would be imitated and duplicated for years to come. This LP was their first and came out in 1984. The band would eventually break up in 1987, but have played a number of reunion shows since, including the legendary Sound Exchange Records 20th anniversary show back on October 27th, 2000 with The Motards (yes, HERE). It's hard to believe that that was 10 years ago already.

The video for "One Step Closer", from this record, is also awesome:

Sub Pop Records released a Poison 13 discography CD sometime in the mid-90's which appears to be out of print and sells for highly inflated prices, like this one on Amazon priced at $217.23. People are crazy.

1984 Wrestler Records

1. One Step Closer
2. Seventh Son
3. My Biggest Mistake
4. Spoonful
5. Out On The Streets
6. Big City Lights
7. Die For Me
8. Codine
9. Grip On My Heart
10. Justice
11. When I Was Young
12. Blank Generation
13. Hellbound Train

DL: Poison 13 - S/T LP


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