Thursday, April 8, 2010

Storm The Tower - Unreleased LP

Ex-Storm The Tower (among other bands) and allround good dude Chris Pfeffer threw this text/link up on his facebook page today:

"Hi! Some of you may remember my old band STORM THE TOWER. Well, we recorded an entire LP a few years ago that was never released. I decided to upload it here for you all to endure/enjoy!!"

It's too bad it never saw a proper release... because it's good!! Chris & Brett from this lineup of Storm The Tower are currently plugging along in The Altars (who should have an 12" out soon), while bass player Jason continues to do good things in The Young. I stole the photo above from the Storm The Tower myspace page.

Thanks to Chris for letting me put his link up here.

1. Start Your Own Fire
2. The Great Divide
3. Elective Surgery
4. Carry On
5. Cowards
6. No Time
7. The Empty Crusade
8. Ready To Crack
9. We Love To Fail
10. Laughter Of Guns

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