Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fatal Flying Guilloteens - 1st 7"

The Fatal Flyin' Guilloteens debut vinyl release, released on my own label, Twistworthy Records. This spastic Houston garagepunk band would later release records for a number of different labels, including Peek-A-Boo, Estrus, GSL, and Frenchkiss, adding members and changing their sound a bit along the way. The band was named "The Fatal Flyin' Guilloteens" on this record as well as the Peek-A-Boo 7", both recorded with their classic 3-piece line-up. While I don't know if this was a conscious decision, it was only once they decided to get a bass player with the release of their 3rd 7", on Estrus Records, that the name changed to simply "Fatal Flying Guilloteens".

An interesting thing to note about this record: There was a delay in finishing the cover design, long after the vinyl had been pressed, and I grew increasingly impatient. I was poor, working in a record store and basically living paycheck to paycheck, and I needed to sell these records... So, I personally hand-silkscreened a limited run of 50 (I think?) hand numbered covers with the "Guilloteen" logo design on the front (which would end up later being the same image that would later grace the cover of their Peek-A-Boo Records single), probably to help pay for my rent or car insurance or something. I sold out of these quickly, and only kept one single copy for myself. I personally don't own a copy of this with the alternate cover anymore - the one copy that I had kept I ended up giving to a girlfriend years ago. I distributed the copies between 4 Austin record stores - Sound Exchange, 33 Degrees, Stashus Mule, and Waterloo Records... So it's doubtful that many people outside of Austin would have or have ever seen this version. I know it's a total long shot, but if anyone has a copy or can find a copy of the record with the white silkscreened cover which I can have or purchase, I would be forever grateful.

1997 Twistworthy Records

1. New Iron Fist
2. La Revolucion
3. Electrify
4. Where The Rock Comes From

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  1. Haha...what about the even rarer rejected first cover that Mike had me make before this one? I got one around here somewhere.