Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Owls - "Rock Out!" 7" EP

As a middle-school aged kid into skating and punkrock the mid 80's in Houston, I first heard the song "Competition Skank" by the Party Owls on the Funhouse Radio show (Houston's longrunning punk/weirdo radio show on KPFT listener sponsored public radio), but for years I didn't know it was the Party Owls. I used to tape Funhouse every week, and then consolidate all of the songs that I thought were good onto one single tape, creating my own "best of Funhouse" tape. Many songs would end up on these tapes without me knowing who the bands were, and "Competition Skank" was one of these songs. It wasn't until a few years later, then in high school, that I heard it again when a friend unknowingly taped this 7" in it's entirety for me, and the mystery was solved.

Members of the Party Owls went on to later form Sugar Shack. Lance Rock/Ecstatic Peace released a Party Owls 12" in 1999, but it doesn't match the greatness of this single.

1983 Potential Veal Product

1. Competition Skank
2. Second Choice
3. Spray Coat
4. Sodom Buddy
5. Texas Pride

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  1. Mucho thanx for posting this! "Bags of'll go fuckin' insane!" fun stuff...w/ a sax to boot. I grew up on KPFT's Funhouse (and KTRU).J.R. ran The Axiom too. Those were the days. Now I'm an ex-covict living off welfare in California.Howeever...I dod still put out music,and I'm on YouTube as Krackerman!