Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kid's Meal/Gomez split 7"

Great split 7" from two Austin favorites. Record was on colored vinyl (or at least my copy is) and hand-numbered limited to 500 copies.

1993 Buddy System Records

1. Kid's Meal - Worth
2. Kid's Meal - One Other
3. Gomez - Green Sticker
4. Gomes - Wall Of D

DL: Kid's Meal/Gomez split 7"

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a different band than the band "Gomez" from the UK.


  1. just like that, Mark. you took the WIN!

  2. anyone know where i can find these?

  3. I've enjoyed your blog over the past week or so. So many bands I remember from Little Vegas in Copperas Cove and the Blue Flamingo a short time later. One of the first groups I saw at Little Vegas was Gomez and I was instantly hooked. So many great songs and so many good shows, first as a trio and later a quartet. Always preferred the trio days.

    I remember getting the Gomez/Kidsmeal split in the mail... feeling like the hometown boys Kidsmeal were rockstars. I've got a few pics here of some of- one of?- the Gomez/Kidsmeal shows at Vegas.

    Good memories... nice to also see the Satans, El Santo, and Minority around.