Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Glorium "Phantom Wire Transmissions" 7 "

It's criminal that it's taken this long to have Glorium represented here. A mainstay of the 90's Texas scene, early Glorium fused Sonic Youth-ish art-swagger with DC punk mythos to create something truly unique and exciting. Members went on to play in I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers, and Sexto Sol, among others.

1993 Undone Records

1. Matches For The Fuse
2. My Demolition
3. Electricity


  1. I love "I love you but i've chosen darkness" so i'm quite curious about this one. Thanks :)

  2. Holy shit this site is a goldmine for those of us looking to relive a misspent youth.

  3. Re-upload that one and Glorium/Gut split, please. :(

  4. This one is re-uploaded. Re-upping the Gut/Glorium split next!