Monday, November 2, 2009

Crown Roast - A Nose Has Many Jobs LP

Crown Roast, originally named Rig, was an amazing hardcore/noiserock band from Austin containing ex-members of Dropkick. At the time of this release, they were a 3 piece, although later releases would add an ex-Big Horny Hustler member to handle vocals. This is their most powerful moment in my opinion... a really great record and always really great live. Contains future members of Hammerhead, Negative Step, Shit & Shine, and TODD.

1994 Unclean Records

1. Swarm Of Shit
2. Lipgloss
3. Stampede
4. Dog The Man
5. Jerk The Nail
6. Grubworm
7. Pin In The Pigbed
8. Warthole
9. Practicing To Be A Doctor
10. Gelatin
11. Mouthful Of Rubber


  1. This download link seems to have vanished

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  3. Link is fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. if anyone needs a physical copy of this amazing record. hit me up at i have cassette tap, vinyl and cd. and they're free.

  5. My brother played guitar in Dropkick and Rig/ CR. . It's cool that this is here. Thanks.

  6. i never heard of Drop kick. Though im sure thats true. But they also came out of members of Third Leg if im not mistaken. Also The VoKILList that later joined (or at least one of them0 was August who also howled for 78rpm thrashers Society of Friends.

  7. SO GOOD!!! THANK YOU!! also important to note singer august was in LORDS OF LIGHT, SILENTIST, IRON LUNG, PIG HEART TRANSPLANT, WALLS & CURRENTLY PLEAURE CROSS (to my knowledge). all bands amazing and crucial, tho no longer texas based

    1. August wasn't in the band on this record. He joined later.