Thursday, November 5, 2009

The American Analog Set - From Our Living Room to Yours

The American Analog Set were a popular indie/ambient band from Austin, TX who have put out records on Enperor Jones, Tigerstyle, and Arts & Crafts Records. This is their great 2nd full length LP/CD.

1997 Emperor Jones

1. Magnificent Seventies
2. Using The Hope Diamond as a Doorstop
3. Blue Chaise
4. Where Have All The Good Boys Gone
5. White House
6. Two Way Diamond I
7. Two Way Diamond II
8. Don't Wake Me

This record is still in print. If you download it and enjoy it, please purchase it here.


  1. Best record to clean your house to!

  2. AAS still play around town once in a great while. They even played Austin City Limits a few years back. "From Our Living Room To Yours" was definitely their best album but "The Fun Of Watching Fireworks" is very comprable.