Thursday, October 22, 2009

v/a "First Crush" Comp

1998 Thick As Thieves Records/Streetcar Records

1. Jessica Six "Vendors Of Greater Things"
2. Emory Swank "Second Street"
3. Mineral "Sadder Star"
4. The Tie That Binds "Grade K 79-80"
5. I Hate Myself "This Isn't The Tenka-Ichi-Buddokai"
6. Still Life "If You Were A Gun, I'd Put You In My Mouth And Pull Your Trigger"
7. Thoughts Of Ionesco " Upward, Inward & Under"
8. Yellow Road Priest "Song #7"
9. Jimmy Eat World "Reason 346"
10. Eversor "Leave Me Behind"
11. The Stalag Seventeen "Lack Of A Better Word"
12. The Jazz June "Russians Part Two"
13. Pop Unknown "No Titled"
14. Indiana "I Was There"
15. No Reply "In-Between"
16. One Car Pile Up "Nothing This Time"
17. Sore Loser "Nodding Off"
18. Driver Eleven "Five Style"
19. Airport Architect "Comparing Notes"
20. Beast "Phillip Morris Crematorium"
21. At The Drive-In "Initiation"
22. Bingo Call


  1. This was the best comp ever. Seriously. I still hum songs from this and quote the BingoTime track to this day.

  2. I think my cd got scratched and lost. I loved this compilation. I discovered Thoughts of Ionesco here, and the version of Upward, Inward & Under here is fan-fucking-tastic.