Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kodiak 7"

Austin chaotic hardcore. Not to be confused with the Austin garage rock band of a few years later, The Kodiaks.

1996 Watership Records


  1. I have 2 copies of this record. One, which I dug up last night, doesn't include the song titles. I'll look for the other in the next few days, as it has a slightly different cover layout, and the names may be included.

  2. billy pawned off the remaining copies of this record on me. which is funny cause i was kicked out of this group while this record was recorded.

    if anyone is looking for them let me know.

    side a
    aspirin awakening
    arsenic kid

    side b
    tropic of cancer

  3. Untitled is just an insert at the beginning of side b?

  4. jck, I am quite interested in this 7"! I understand that it was a long time, but your profile is unavaliable so I desperately write here.
    Please contact me at emooldfag[at]