Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cherubs - Heroin Man LP

Cherubs (not to be confused with the current UK band with the same name) were a noiserock band from Austin, TX. This record was, in my opinion, their finest hour (although of of their records are great.) Ex-members of Ed Hall.

1994 Trance Syndicate

1. Stag Party
2. Animator
3. Blackhouse
4. Baby Huey
5. Dave Of The Moon
6. Coonass
7. Mr Goy
8. Cockpit - Kiss The Shine
9. Venus Flytrap
10. The Big Groovy
11. Wornout Balls
12. Playdough
13. Example Maiden Japan/Devil's Food


  1. There is/was talk of a Cherubs tribute album from Unfortunate Miracle...