Monday, January 10, 2022

 The deadthyme radio show did a Texas underground music 2 part special on Dec 31 2021 and Jan 7 2022 on Houston radio station KPFT 90.1 FM.  Many old school Texas punk bands were played.
Here is the playlist and download link if you want to hear the whole thing:

artist - song title - album title
__________________________________________ Butthole Surfers - The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave - Brown Reason To Live 12"ep
Mentallo + The Fixer - Other World Technology (Har-Magedon) - Centuries ep
Angkor Wat - Walls - Worst Enemy ep
Rigor Mortis - Reanimator - Rigor Mortis
Birth A.D. - Cause Trouble - I Blame You
Die Young - Pains of Indifference - Confessions of a Petty Thief 7"ep
Astrogenic Hallucinating - From the Descent - Parthenon
Infant Mortality Rate - That's Not My Handwriting - Puer Aeternis
Liberty & Justice - Mad World - Pressure
Spunk - Big Cycle - Flame Spittin
Severed Head Of State - Sacrifice - No Love Lost... 7"ep
H.R.A. - Watching You Die - Heavy Roach Activity
The Pose - Pride - Dig An Endless Grave 7"ep
S.N.O.T. - Harass County - Slaughterhouse 7"ep
Smile 69 - Alisa - The Mike Gunn/ Smile 69 split 7"
Evil Mothers - Sick Culture - Pitchforks and Perverts
Fektion Fekler - Just Another Try - Kling Klang Bedlam
Hoaries - Soldier of Love - Rocker Shocker
Dixie Waste - Humachine - Start the Madness
Funeral Horse - No Greater Sorrow (Than My Love) - Psalms For the Mourning
Skrew - Feast - Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame
Morbid Scream - The Coming of War - demo 1987
World Burns To Death - Acid In the Face of Human Rights - Human Meat... Tossed To the Dogs of War 12"ep
Insect Warfare - Amphetamine Psychosis - At War With Grindcore 7"ep
Hatred Surge - Human Overdose - Human Overdose
Puncture - Bottom Feeder - Immune
Devastation - Idolatry - Idolatry
Anialator - Fatal Decision - Anialator 12"ep
Turmoil In The Toybox - Inevitably Sex - Messiah/ Inevitably Sex 7"
Concrete Violin - Violin Piece - Force Fed
Fearless Iranians From Hell - Blow Up the Embassy - Fearless Iranians From Hell 7"ep
Bark Hard - Scene Ain't Dead - Bark Hard
Krum Bums - Dead New World - Same Old Story 12"ep
Confused - Dead Man Walking - Riot
Dresden 45 - Guilty of Birth - Liberators 7"ep
Rhythm Pigs - Baal - An American Activity 7"ep
Verbal Abuse - Verbal Abuse - Just An American Band 12"ep
Dicks - Lifetime Problems - Hate the Police 7"ep
Party Owls - Sodom Buddy - Rock Out! 7"ep
Pain Teens - Bannoy - Case Histories
Auschwitz 46 - Infovein - Battered, Drained, Forgotten ep
Stark Raving Mad - S.O.S./ Bloodclot - Amerika 12"ep
Loose Nukes - Cult Leaders - Cult Leaders
Happy Fingers Institute - George Bush's Corpse - George Bush's Corpse 7"
She Demons - Iburytheliving - Flame-Boy Ant
Not For Sale - Bread and Bombs - Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death compilation
Big Boys - The Big Picture - Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death compilation
Prenatal Lust - Entertainment Tonight - Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death compilation
Taint - Killing Is Just a Tool - Soundtrack For the End of the World compilation
Toxic Origin - Personal Hell - A Tribute To Really Red Teaching You the Fear... Again compilation
Doomstress - Ritual - A Tribute To Really Red Teaching You the Fear... Again compilation
Reagan Era Rejects - Let the Night Roar - A Tribute To Really Red Teaching You the Fear... Again compilation
Really Red - Nobody Rules - Rest In Pain
Legionaire's Disease - Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head) - Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head)/ Downtown 7"
The Secret Prostitutes - Ucapanmu Tak Berarti Apa-Apa - Never Mind the KBD This Is A.D.D.
Hugh Beaumont Experience - Zyklon B - The Cone Johnson 7"ep
Sad Pygmy - Texas Pride - Dos, Dos, Dos
Lower Class Brats - Background Music - Rather Be Hated Than Ignored
Blind Ignorents - Blind Ignorents - Blind Ignorents
Marching Plague - World War 4 - Rock 'N' Roll Asshole 7"ep
The Hickoids - Hee Haw - We're In It For the Corn
dead horse - Hank - Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming
Rotten Piece - Pat Boone - Split Head 7"ep
Rotten Piece - The Testimonial Dinner - Split Head 7"ep
Scum Of The Earth - Colorblind - Introduction To Filth demo
Academy Black - Crush the Monster - Dead Fun demo
Alyis - My Life - Suffer At Birth demo
Der Gastank - Jock In a Jeep - Open Season demo
The Mellow Cats - Stuck - demo 1986
The Dis-Illusioned - Justifiable Homicide - demo 88
Bacteria - Musical Dismemberment - Vomit Your Anus demo
Splatterreah - Secreting Cysts - demo #2
Talon - Pestilence - demo 1987
Scrotum Nosedive - ? - old tape
Cerebral Distortion - Ways To Torture - demo '86
Manhole - Neurotica - Great Big Pile compilation
REO Speeddealer - Turkeyneck - REO Speedealer
Tread - Youth Gone Mad - The Coolest Shit In Texas compilation
Bayou Pigs - No Easy Way - Rehab Messiah
Anarchitex - Guilty Rat - Digital Dark Age
Jesus Penis - God Has Everything Under Control - Manifestation compilation
Bamboo Crisis - Shapeshifter - 51 Pegasi
Baboon - Numb - Secret Robot Control
Fight Pretty - Blood Migration - Blood Migration
P.L.F. - Satiate the Oil Hogs - P.L.F./ Bizarre X split 12"ep
MassMurderMedia - Radioactivity - Radioactivland
Crippled By Society - Total Rebellion - Total Rebellion demo
Humungus - Learn To Say Fuck You - A Reason To Care
Hates - Outside the Law - New World Oi
Baron Von Bomblast - Slasher - Shotguns and Liquor Stores
U.Y.U.S. - The Tube - United Youth of the United States
Warbeast - Born With a Blackened Heart - Krush the Enemy
Rotting Corpse - War On Drugs - demo 1990
Necrovore - Slaughtered Remains - demo 1987
Illicit Relationship - Microcosm - Manifestation 8 compilation
The Skourge - Metal Up Your Ass - Hardcore Up Your Ass ep
Will To Live - In the Broken Glass - Tested and True ep
Dethkultur BBQ - R.R.C.I. - 668 Neighbor of the Beast
Childman - God's Eyeball - Apathy Vein
Skatenigs - Burn This Motherfucker To the God Damned Ground - What Could Go Wrong?
Toho Ehio - Rat Lady - Axiom compilation
The Stains (M.D.C.) - John Wayne Was a Nazi - John Wayne Was a Nazi 7"
D.R.I. - Couch Slouch - Violent Pacification 7"ep
Reason Of Insanity - Rage-O-Hal - Reason of Insanity
W├╝lfskol - Deliver Us - Hellshock
Impalers - Variety - Cellar Dweller 12"ep
Richard Ramirez - (de)Programming Mates - DeProgramming Pornographers
Sik Mentality - Take Part II - Bad World 12"ep
Doomsday Massacre - Pissed - Wake Up Or Melt Down 7"ep
AK-47 - Kiss My Machine - The Badge Means You Suck 7"
Scratch Acid - Lay Screaming - Scratch Acid 12"ep
Pail - untitled - Volume One
Gammacide - Incubus - Victims of Science
Stickmen With Rayguns - Christian Rat Attack - Some People Deserve To Suffer
30footFall - Metal Killed My Cat - Ever Revolving, Never Evolving
30footFall - Just Like Heaven - Ever Revolving, Never Evolving
Pigface - Magazine - Notes From Thee Underground
Vomit Pigs - Baby's Playin Games - Take One 7"ep
Injury - Surprise - Thrown Away
Middlefinger - Mole - Quickie ep
Rusted Shut - Satan's Witch - Rehab
S.A. Slayer - Prepare To Die - Prepare To Die 12"ep
Acridity - Whisper of Reality - Voices of a Red God compilation
Ed Hall - Cornbull - Love Poke Here
Agitators - Weekly Plans - No Brakes 7"ep
Non-Dairy Creamers - Chuck - Houston Loud compilation
Mydolls - 21st Century Compliments - Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick 12"ep
Brown Paper Dog - With Corns - With Corns 7"
Saviorskin - PAINdemonium - Omnipotence of the Absolute Power Trip - Waiting Around To Die - Nightmare Logic Bread And Water - Death Sentence - Future Memories 7"ep Offenders - I Hate Myself - I Hate Myself/ Bad Times 7" Offenders - Bad Times - I Hate Myself/ Bad Times 7"
DL: deadthyme radio show Texas special deadthyme is a radio show on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston ( to listen online) that started in May 2005. DJed by Jason Beck, who got his start in radio as a teen coming down to the Funhouse show (also on KPFT) and bringing records for them to play. He went on to co-host the Sweet Nightmares show in the 90s, as well as the Ejacula and the Audio Friction shows in the 90s and into the 2000s. He also did a noon shift at KTRU throughout the first decade of the 2000s and co-hosted the From the Depths metal show on KTRU with Wes Weaver. deadthyme plays punk, hardcore, industrial, thrash, post punk, grindcore, oi!, ebm, sludge, crust, death rock, noise rock, experimental, and other forms of offbeat music. They have done several special episodes including a tribute to Sweet Nightmares and an annual Halloween show.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Pain Teens - "Sacrificial Shack" + more

 Finally a new post!
The original creator of this site, Mark Twistworthy, accidently locked himself out of his account and can't remember his password, so there haven't been any posts in a while.  I also post content here but I have been very busy and my record played shit the bed so I wasn't able to digitize anything for a long time.
However I'm going to try to post more starting now.

The Pain Teens need no introduction to anyone from Houston in the old days or probably anyone in the U.S. who was into underground art/ avant garde/ punk stuff.  Bliss Blood used to work at local Houston record joint Record Exchange (later Sound Exchange) on Westheimer (even later moved to Richmond and now located on Milby) and Scott Ayres was a fixture of the local scene in many bands of the time up to the present day (he just played guitar on a Pixies cover by Mike Haaga formerly of dead horse among many other bands that you can watch the video of here). 
They played so many shows in Houston opening for so many national acts (including Nirvana before they hit it big) as well as local shows that you there was almost no way you could miss seeing their memorable sets.
Bliss later did a marijuana-themed lounge project with the grind band Exit 13 and moved to New York and has fronted several jazz projects in the city.

above: a pic I took of Bliss from the Axiom Sabbathon.
Below: a flyer for that show.

Here is the story of how I first heard their "Sacrificial Shack" single:
I used to go up to the Funhouse show and bring music up for them to play that Chuck didn't have (there wasn't much he didn't get, but I managed to have some of it).  So one night in 1991 (I believe) I went up there but Chuck wasn't there- he had Mr. Charlie from the 'Monster Island Beach Party' show (also on KPFT) subbing for him so he could go to the Sonic Youth concert.
He called up there to check in tho, and Mr. Charlie put him on the phone and I told him I had brought a bunch of punk to play, and he told Mr. Charlie to let me have at it because tho Charlie had a lot of weirdo stuff, he didn't have much punk.
But Chuck also told me something awful- when he came back the next week, he was going to do the last Funhouse show.  He was ending it.
This bummed us out, but we promised not to tell anyone so he could announce it himself.  And that's how I got to guest DJ the second-to-last Funhouse show.
You might wonder what this story has to do with the Pain Teens.  I was getting to that.
While we were doing the show, Bliss walked in with a brand new hot-off-the-presses Pain Teens record- "Sacrificial Shack", featuring a cover of a Zeni Geva song on the B side.

We played the B side that night.  We probably should have played the A side too.  It's a great record, and I'm putting it up here for download.

above: A pic I took of Bliss backstage at the Axiom (with Alpo of dead horse photobombing).

As a special bonus, I am also putting up my favorite Pain Teens recording- side B of their "Narcolepsy" tape.  Why not side A as well?  I don't have it digitized and my tape-to-mp3 reorder died.  I have that effect on electronics (the B side is better in my opinion, anyway, and even includes an Alice Cooper cover).
This is a big file because it is in wav format so you get the highest quality of this awesome release, and it's a no-frills thing with no cover or even song titles (tho you can look them up on Discogs here)
I did bother to separate the tracks so I guess it's not totally no frills.

So, here is the "Sacrificial Shack" single:
1991; C/Z records

1. Sacrificial Shack
2. Sweetheart

DL: Pain Teens - "Sacrificial Shack" 7"

And here is your bonus no-frills "Narcolepsy" tape, side B:

1988; Anomie Records

DL: Pain Teens - "Narcolepsy" tape side B